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Pita Bite
Pita Bite
212 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
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Pita Bite

212 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

Pita Bite, located at 212 Castro Street in Mountain View, is all about authentic, delicious Mediterranean cuisine. In a time of cost savings amidst disappointing, unsatisfying culinary experiences, Pita Bite comes as a fresh reminder that world-class ethnic, healthful food and down-to-earth pricing and dining aren’t mutually exclusive.

Have a craving for falafel? You’re covered. How about hummus, lahvosh bread, lamb wrap or maybe lentil soup? Pita Bite does it all in the only way we know how: Mediterranean style! Speak to any one of our satisfied customers and you’ll most likely hear boasts of our “big portions, friendly service and good, healthy food,” and for good reason – our menu items, as served by our attentive wait staff, range from the appetizing Eggplant Salad, Dolma, Cacik, and more to the sumptuously savory Ezo Gellin Soup and the crisp and healthy Pita Bite Salad and Plyasb.

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Feel like getting wrapped? Do it with one of our Lamb and Beef Gyros, Chicken Gyros, Lamb and Shish Kebabs, Chicken Shish Kebabs, Adana Kebabs or our sought-after Falafel Wrap with lavash or homemade bread and fresh tomatoes, onions, cucumber and tahini sauce. Beyond these Mediterranean staples, Pita Bite is particularly proud to offer a variety of Specialty Platters that basically “unwraps” these classics and puts them on a plate for serious consumption – consider the Lamb and Beef Gyros or perhaps the Chicken Gyros, both served with rice and salad, or get creative and choose from one of our Shish Kebab plates, whether it’s lamb, chicken, grilled kofte or the “Adana Kebab.”

Whether you’re indulging in our genuine Mediterranean cuisine in our dining room or awaiting a pick-up order, Pita Bite is your go-to solution for supreme Greek food in the Mountain View area. We also offer catering services for your special events.

Come get a taste of the Mediterranean…at Pita Bite!

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